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Radio Supernova - Tähtiin (2019), Finnish dream pop/shoegaze


The Finnish dream pop/shoegaze band Radio Supernova form their music out of fuzzed-out guitars, pulsating rhythms, and ethereal vocals. Radio Supernova was born out of love towards greater-than-life walls of sound, jangly melodies, and melancholy in general. Radio Supernova hail from Tampere, the Manchester of Finland. This is where Radio Supernova was born in the autumn of 2017. Radio Supernova initially released their first two singles in the spring of 2018. Their first full-length album Tähtiin was released in the March of 2019. Tähtiin (lit. "To Stars") contains its own universe, the immersive atmosphere of which leads the listener high above the Earth. Tähtiin is essentially music from beyond, and of love. Radio Helsinki recently chose Tähtiin as its Album of the Week.

2019 - Tähtiin [name your price]

Spotify ... lWWr8sHeKw


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