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City Lungs – Noisy pop songs. Broken Glass. Neon Lights.


Some bands merely tune their instruments, hit the stage and rock out. That is all fine and well, but at the same time there are also those groups who are obsessed with concepts, mysteries and hidden meanings. City Lungs belongs to the latter category. They write music that is often dreamy, sometimes noisy and frequently grandiose. In short, pop songs that seek to be more than just pop songs.

City Lungs is a brainchild of Tuomas Jalamo (vocals, guitars) and Niklas Björklund (guitars, synthesizers, programming) who first met at a shady post-punk gathering in Turku, Finland. Nowadays the they reside in two different cities; Tuomas in Helsinki, Finland and Niklas in Stockholm, Sweden. Both have been previously involved with the music scene in one way or another: Niklas is best known as a keyboard player in the stoner rock group Mangoo and a former live guitarist for Magenta Skycode, whereas Tuomas works as a freelance journalist for various rock 'n' roll magazines.

In 2013 City Lungs are working on their self-produced debut "Dead End Weekend"—a concept album consisting of ten tracks that will be released one at a time via the band's own website and Soundcloud. Behind the songs lies a narrative that the listeners can try to piece together if they so choose. At the same time a melodrama and a ghastly mystery, "Dead End Weekend" will gradually unravel itself to those willing to listen closely enough. Alongside the songs the band will provide the listeners twenty written excerpts that will serve as further clues to what the whole thing is about.

So come on and move a bit closer, open up a bottle of cheapest red wine and light up a cigarette. The city looks quite luminous tonight.

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