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Pony Trash s/t EP - out on Old Blackberry Way November 27th



“Pony Trash just made the velvety backdrop you always wanted. Drenched you in blue blankets and took you to see the best views of their sad and starry electric sky. Every song is a favorite dream where you fly. At the very least, the greatest make- out record of the year.” - Sara Bischoff, Heavy Deeds

Pony Trash is a new band comprised of various members of The Chambermaids, Polica, Vampire Hands and Gospel Gossip. An obsession with shoegaze, dream pop and classic songwriting helped inform their first batch of songs, collected here as a limited, eponymous 12” EP.

Written and recorded at Neil Weir’s legendary Old Blackberry Way studio in Minneapolis, Pony Trash’s debut balances looseness with focus, adeptly capturing the band's fuzzy haze as they create a new sonic vocabulary.

Released in an edition of 150, the self-titled Pony Trash EP features artwork (hand-printed) by Casey Deming.

"Pony Trash isn't constructed as an abject listening experience but rather something to fall right down into, layer by layer - the rare band that can take the sum of their shoegaze / slow-fi influences and make it all sound new again. Soft reverb, distant guitar solos, and a pinch of malice - it's all here. A gauzy, sublime debut effort."
-Sarah Moody, Hardly Art

"The Weight of the Night" video:
Old Blackberry Way Tumblr:

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